Postdoctoral Researchers - closed

Two positions will be soon available for MBE-CVD.

Ph.D. Students

We are looking for talented, highly motivated, and hardworking Ph.D. students with interest in exploring cutting-edge research. The qualified applicants for Ph.D. study are expected to have a strong quantitative basis, a solid publication record on the subject, and capacity for team work.

Talented students having the minimum GPA of 3.5 during undergraduate and graduate study are encouraged to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE).

Salary and benefits:

Remuneration will be highly competitive and commensurate with the applicant's qualifications and experience. For Ph.D. students, the typical annual stipend is $30,000 USD (tax-free). Successful applicants will also receive attractive compensation and benefit packages provided by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, including:

Ph.D. students-

(1) Fully‐furnished housing (including utilities) at no cost to the student,

(2) Free education at KAUST schools for the student’s children (if there are any),

(3) Free medical and dental insurance.

(4) Round trip airfare to hometown once per year.

Visiting Ph.D. Students

We also welcome visiting Ph.D. students who are interested in CVD synthesis of 2D materials and printable metamaterilas for energy stroage applications. Selected candidates will receive a full fellowship, including monthly stipend and housing, for the duration up to 6 months.