Postdoctoral Researchers

We have two openings for postdoctoral scholars under the joint appointment of Physical Science Division at KAUST and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab's Molecular Foundry Division. This is a cross-disciplinary program in developing next generation printable 2D materials with heterogeneous interfaces at both vertical and horizontal directions for electrochemical catalysis, meta-materials, capacitor and battery applications. 

You will lead the synthetic development of diversity-oriented 2D materials libraries from which design rules underpinning phase engineering, surface chemistry, stimuli-induced properties, and  additive manufacturing. These activities will be supervised by the Tung group, and coordinated by collaborating researchers at the Molecular Foundry Division (Holman group). 

What You Will Do:

  • Provide technical expertise in synthesis, characterization, additive manufacturing and device applications (electrochemical catalysis, printable battery, flexible micro-supercapacitors) of Mxenes, metal dichalcogenides , graphene, and their composites. 
  • Develop understanding of structure-property-performance relationships of Mxenes, metal dichalcogenides , graphene, and their composites. 
  • Explore Electro-chemical and -mechanical characterization of Mxenes, metal dichalcogenides , graphene, and their composites. 

What is Required:

  • Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry, physics, and materials science & engineering.
  • Extensive experience in 2D materials synthesis (CVD, and/ or chemical exfoliation)
  • Demonstrate knowledge or expertise in characterization methods and device applications (electrochemical catalysis, battery, and supercapacitors)
  • Demonstrate ability to conduct and perform collaborative research and effectively interact with a broad range of colleagues.
  • Demonstrated ability to accurately and eloquently represent and promote scientific projects to audiences of diverse technical backgrounds.

  • Experience in the preparation and handling of scientific manuscripts, reports and research posters.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Postdoc position in the field of MXenes and heterogeneous 2D  hybrid materials for electrochemical catalysis and energy storage is available in August.

Postdoc position in the field of additive manufacturing of MXenes and heterogeneous 2D  hybrid materials for will be opened in September.

Applications are sought for a two-year postdoc position. The position will include a very competitive salary based on the candidate's qualifications; benefits include medical and dental insurance, free furnished housing on campus, annual travel allowance to visit home country, annual paid vacation, and other generous benefits. In parallel, the applicants must be able to split time between Physical Science Division KAUST (15 months) and the Molecular Foundry Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (9 months).  

To apply, please send a CV, a letter of interest, and name and contact information of two references to Prof. Vincent Tung,

Ph.D. Students

We are looking for talented, highly motivated, and hardworking Ph.D. students with interest in exploring cutting-edge research. The qualified applicants for Ph.D. study are expected to have a strong quantitative basis, a solid publication record on the subject, and capacity for team work.

Talented students having the minimum GPA of 3.5 during undergraduate and graduate study are encouraged to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE).

Salary and benefits:

Remuneration will be highly competitive and commensurate with the applicant's qualifications and experience. For Ph.D. students, the typical annual stipend is $30,000 U.S. dollars (tax-free). Successful applicants will also receive attractive compensation and benefit packages provided by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, including:

Ph.D. students-

(1) Fully‐furnished housing (including utilities) at no cost to the student,

(2) Free education at KAUST schools for the student’s children (if there are any),

(3) Free medical and dental insurance.

(4) Round trip airfare to hometown once per year.