Principal Investigator

Vincent Tung

M.S. in Chemistry, National Tsing-Hua University (Taiwan)

Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, UCLA (Yang Yang & Richard Kaner)

Postdoc, ISEN Fellow at Northwestern University (Jiaxing Huang

Research Scientist

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Name:             Dr. Yuanlong Shao

Education:    Project leader of Graphene Center, Cambridge University (Andrea Ferrari & Clare Grey)

                           Visiting Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California Los Angeles (Richard Kaner)    

                           Ph.D., Material Science and Engineering (graduated with honour), Donghua University

Research Interest:  Chemical exfoliation, and inject printing of 2D materials for energy storage and sensing applications 

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Name:               Dr. Ali Han

Education:  Ph.D. in School of Chemistry and Materials Science, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) 

Research Interest:  CVD growth of novel 2D materials for CO2 reduction and energy storage

Photo -Yichen_opt.jpg

Name:              Dr.  Yichen Cai

Education:  Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, Nanjing Tech University

                        Visiting scholar at at Materials Science & Engineering, KAUST (Lance Li)

Research Interest:  Flexible electronics, sensors, and CVD synthesis of 2D layered materials


Name:              Dr.  Segi Byun

Education:  Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea

                        Visiting scholar at Materials Science & Engineering, Northwestern University (Jiaxing Huang

Research Interest:  Synthesis and assembly of 2D layered materials for energy storage and electrochemical catalysis

Graduate Students, Ph.D. at KAUST

  • Name:                     Xuan Wei 

          Education:              B.S. BioEngineering, Fuzhou University

          Research Interest:  Dewetting regulated organization of porous structures for battery applications

                                                  Dean's Graduate Fellowship

JUIHAN FU - Photo_opt.jpg
  • Name:                      Jui-Han Stanley Fu 

          Education:               B.S., Chemistry, National Cheng-Kung University

                                                M.S., Chemistry, National Tseng-Hua University

          Research Interest:  Biomimetic design of 3D functional monoliths 

Co-advised Ph.D. at UC

  • Name:                   Vipawee (Yen) Limsakoune

          Education:            M.S. Petrochemical, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

          Research Interest:  Nanomaterial synthesis, Energy storage

  • Name:                       Wu Zhan 


          Research Interest:  Dewetting regulated organization of porous structures 

                                                  NASA Graduate Fellow

 Co-Advised with Prof. SaiGhosh

Co-Advised with Prof. SaiGhosh

  • Name:                   Sarang Som 

          Education:            B.S.-M.S. Physics , Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

          Research Interest: Synthesis of organic and perovskite photovoltaics

                                                 NASA Graduate Fellow

                                                 Southern California Edison Fellowship

Research Associates

  • Name:                       Christine Wu 

          Education:                Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley 

                                                 The Molecular Foundry Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab 

          Research Interest:  Nature inspired assembly 

Undergraduate Researchers


  • Name: Beatriz Morales Perez

    Education: Materials Science and Engineering, UC Merced. 

    Research Interest: Nanomaterial synthesis, materials characterization. 

Lab Mascots

Name:                           *Shining*

Education:                  Holds honorary Ph.D in Bread Science

Research Interest:   Delicious Bread


Name:                           *MoMo*

Education:                  Holds honorary Ph.D in Surface Science 

Research Interest:   Surface Chemistry and Physics


Senior Scientist & Lab Manager

  •  Name:                   Dr. Ishihara Hidetaka

           Education:             Ph.D.  Chemical Engineering, University of Arkansas, LR 

           Research Interest: CLIP Synthesis of Perovskites

           Current position: Panasonic North America/ Tesla


  • Name:                   Yen-Chang Chen

          Education:            Ph.D. BEST Program, University of California, Merced

                                          M.S. MSE, University of Florida 

          Research Interest: Perovskite solar cells, materials characterization. 

                                          NASA Graduate Fellow

                                          NSF Graduate Fellow

           Current position: Lam Research

  • Name:                      Kiana Shirzad

          Education:               B.S. Biomedical engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology

          Research Interest:  Biomimetic design of 3D functional monoliths 

          Current position: Jessica Yue Wang Lab

  • Name:                      Bryan Soriano

            Education: Materials Science and Engineering, UC Merced 19

            Current position: summer research intern at UCSD

  • Name:                    Marisol Prado

          Education:             ME 15 UCMerced

          Research interest: Flexible carbon nanomaterials for sensor application 

                                                   NASA MACEs Undergraduate Fellow   

                                                   NSF COINs Undergraduate Fellow

          Current position: Gallo Wine Factory


  • Name:                      Katherine S. Tyler

          Education:               Merced College 

          Research Interest:  Synthesis of Nanomaterials for Energy Storage

          NASA MACEs Summer Undergraduate Fellow


  • Name:                    Joseph Serrano

          Education:             MSE 17 UCMerced

          Research interest: Biomimetic assembly of 2D van der Walls' solids

                                                   NASA MACEs Undergraduate Fellow   

            Current position:  Intel


  • Name:                    Bradley Frank

          Education:             MSE 2017 UCM 

          Research interest:  Morphological engineering of perovskite photovoltaics 

                                                  NASA MACEs Undergraduate Fellow

            Current position: Ph.D. at Polymer Science program from FU Berlin, Humboldt Berlin, TU Berlin, and UPotsdam


  • Name:                   Mai Thao

          Education:            Merced Union High School

          Research interest: Three dimensional monoliths of MoS2 and NbSe2

                                                   ACS SEED Fellow 2015


  • Name:                    Johnny Yongsheng Sun

          Education:             MSE 15 UC Davis

          Research Interest: Nanomaterial synthesis, Sustainable Energy,

                                           UC LEADS Fellowship Recipient


  • Name:                     Jose Hernandez 

          Education:            BIOE 15 UCMerced

          Research interest: Patterned nanomorphology for bio-compatible scaffolds.

                                          NSF COINs Undergraduate Fellow  

                                          Affiliate at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

           Current position: M.S. at BioE, UC Davis


  • Name:                   Oliver Lin

          Education:            B.S. Chemistry, University of California, Davis 

          Research Interest:  Synthesis of organic and perovskite photovoltaics

          Current position: Ph.D. at MSE, UCLA (Prof. Yang Yang research group)


  • Name:                      Lai Thung

          Education:              Golden Valley High School

                                                ACS SEED Fellow 2015

          Current position: College of Letter and Science at UC, Berkeley


  • Name:                   Andrew Siordia

          Education:             MSE 14 UCMerced

          Current position:    Ph.D. at MSE, UCLA (Prof. Bruce Dunn group)


  • Name:                   Wen-Jun Chen

          Education:            B.S. Dalian University of Technology

          Current position: Ph.D. at MSE, UCSD  


  • Name:                  Jaskiranjeet (Jessica) Sodhi

            Education:           B.S. UCM BioE 2013

            Current position: M.S., Brown University (Prof. Robert Hurt group)


  • Name:                   Nicholas Demarco

          Research interest: perovskite photovoltaics

          Current position: Ph.D. at MSE, UCLA (Prof. Yang Yang Group)


  • Name:                   Pisrut "Todd" Phummirat 

          Education:            B.S. University of Wisconsin, Madison

                                         M.S. University of California, San Diego 

           Current position: Ph.D. at Bio-medical Engineering, UC Irvine