Here is to the beginning of 2018 and flash back to 2017. Many downfalls have laid down the solid foundation for today's success. You are strong because you are imperfect. You are wise because you have doubts. Quotes from Winston Churchill! 


Self-assembled nanostructures of MoS2 inspired from the Star War Movie "Last Jedi" Stay tuned!  

Photothemal reduction induced dimensional transition

Photothemal reduction induced dimensional transition


Merry Christmas from VCT Lab! 

Hand-crafted holiday cards from VCT Lab

Hand-crafted holiday cards from VCT Lab



[Presentation] Vincent addresses two talks at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia, for the use of atomically thin 2D materials for electrocatalyst and battery applications.  

Beacon of hope and innovation at KAUST. 

Beacon of hope and innovation at KAUST. 


[Trip] En route for new journey! Stay tuned for the major change of VCT Lab in 2018.

Coast line of Long Island, NY. 

Coast line of Long Island, NY. 


[Fellowship] Xuan is selected to represent Biological Engineering and Small-scale Technology (BEST) graduate group to compete the highly competitive Graduate Student Mentor Fellowship! Congratulations! 


[News] More news coverages of our deformed MoS2 for Hydrogen Evolution Reactions (HER) from Sciencedaily, and Materials Today


[News] Our recent publication entitled "Structurally Deformed MoS2 for Electrochemically Stable, Thermally Resistant and Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction" is featured on Sanida National Lab News Highlights  and Nature Asia News! Learn more about how we manipulate physical transformation to drastically enhance the catalytic property of an ordinary MoS2 for HER!!


[Fellowship] Graduate student Som Sarang, co-advised with Prof. Ghosh at Phyics, is awarded with School of Natural Science Distinguished Scholars Fellowship to continue his study on both PVSK Photovoltaics and Low Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (LDTMDs). Congrats!! 


[Reunion] It is always a pleasure to catch up with old friends, especially from Northwestern University. Prof. Tae Hee Han stopped by the Molecular Foundry today! 



[Funding] Our user proposal entitled "Synthesis of bulk nanostructured MoS2 foam for electrochemically stable and high power anode for pseudocapacitive charge storage" has been approved by Molecular Foundry, Research Hub supported by Department of Energy. Many thanks to graduate student, Xuan Wei, who spent countless hours to work on this project from ground ZERO!! Congrats!! 


[Publication] Glad to see our contribution to the "Cover Hallway" of Organic & Macromolecular Division at the Molecular Foundry, LBNL. Congrats to Yen-Chang, Taka and many who have worked together to make this happen. 



[Publication] Our collaboration with Prof. Goshi, Prof. Scheinber, and Prof. Jin Zhang (UCSC) entitled "Stabilization of Cubic Crystalline Phase in Organo-Metal Halide Perovskite Quantum Dots via Surface Energy Manipulation" has been accepted for publication in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Congratulations! 


[Publication] A sneak peak to our recently published paper entitled "Structurally Deformed MoS2 for Electrochemically Stable, Thermally Resistant and Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction" will be highlighted in Advanced Materials and is also featured in the front page of UC Merced. Cheers! 



[Grant] The grant kick-off meeting at Sandia National Lab. We will team up with staff scientists, Dr. Stanley Chou and Dr. Bryan Kaehr at Sandia National Lab, Prof. Hecht at University of New Mexico and Prof. Yang Yang at UCLA to explore the large scale employment of semiconducting crystals for neutron detection. Cheers!


[Seminar] It was absolutely a pleasure to have former Kaner Group Member, Prof. Julio D'Arcy to address a talk on utilizing conducting polymers for energy storage application at our graduate seminar series. We of course took this opportunity to hold a small reunion. Cheers! 



[News] Today marks the beginning of an end. Dr. Ishihara Hidetaka will leave our group for Panasonic/Tesla for battery production. Dr. Hidetaka has been the corner stone for VCT lab in the very beginning and has made numerous discoveries that transform the 2D materials into a whole new material paradigm. I am forever grateful to your invaluable dedication, devotion and contribution and am honored to call you my friend. Farewell and hope all the best to your endeavor in electric car. 



[News] Honor to call you my best friend. Dr. (Soon to be Prof.) Steven Jonas, resident at UCLA Mattel Children Hospital and research fellow at Prof. Paul Weiss' lab at UCLA Chem receives an early career award from Hundai Wheel on Hope Foundation to recognize his contribution on fight pediatric cancer! 



[Publication] Our collaborative work entitled "Structurally Deformed MoS2 for Electrochemically Stable, Thermally Resistant and Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction" is accepted for publication in Advanced Materials [IF: 19.79] and will be featured as a cover article. Million thanks to Yen-Chang, Ang-Yu (MIT), Xiu-Lin, Lance (KAUST), Changming, Ian, Oliver (LBNL), Marina, Andre (Yale), Ping and Stan (Sandia). 



[News] Xuan successfully sailed through her Ph.D. qualification! Many thanks to her committee, including Prof. Min Hwan Lee, Prof. Jessica Wang, Prof. Eric Menke and Dr. Stanley Chou from Sanida National Lab. She will now strive for multiple publications in 2017. Congratulations!  


[News] Welcome Kiana and Jui-Han to join our group as Ph.D. students! They join on the hottest day of the summer in Merced (115˚F)! 


[Funding] Our collaborative FY18 LDRD Proposal with Sandia National Lab (PI: Stanley Chou) entitled "Unpowered, Stackable, Large Area Semiconductor Neutron Detector," Proposal Number 18-0707, has been recommended for funding (total amount of $ 800,000 for 2 years) by the Defense Systems and Assessments / University of New Mexico Investment Area Team. Congratulations!!



[News] Yen-Chang has successfully sailed through the Ph.D. defense!! Committee members, including Prof. Kara McCloskey, Prof. Min Hwan Lee and Director Yi Liu from Organic and Macromolecular Division at Molecular Foundry, unanimously impress by Yen-Chang's research and the far-reaching implications of his study on physical transformation modulated electrochemical kinetics for energy storage applications. He is the first ever Ph.D. from VCT Lab!! Congratulations!!! 



Title: Overview of NASA Glenn Research Center Power Division energy storage portfolio and its application to space and aeronautics research
Dr. Dionne Hernandez-Lugo
Power Division, NASA John Glenn Research Center
Time: 3:15 pm
Place: SoE2 Room 224


[Funding] Our proposal in collaboration with School of Natural Science to Army research lab (70537-RT-REP: Hands-on Quantum Materials Lab)has been accepted for funding (total amount of $ 500,000)! This will bring the nascent campus the versatile AFM/CFM/MFM instrument. Congratulations! 


[News] Christine Wu has been accepted to Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley. Congratulations! She will soon join the team at Molecular Foundry at LBNL


[News] Bradley Frank has been accepted as a Ph.D. student at the Polymer Science program from FU Berlin, Humboldt Berlin, TU Berlin, and UPotsdam. Meanwhile, Joseph will start working at Intel in July!! Congratulations!


[Funding] Our collaborative proposal with Prof. Ghosh at Physics and Prof. Jin Zhang at UCSC on constructing "All Inclusive Tandem Perovskite Photovoltaics" has been selected for funding by NASA MACEs Center! Congratulations!! 


[Publication] Our collaborative work with Prof. Min Hwan Lee has been accepted for publication at Fuel Cells and will be featured as a Cover in June issue! Congratulations to Taka! 


[News] Katie from Merced College will join us as a NASA MACEs Summer Fellow for synthesis of nanomaterials for energy storage applications! Welcome!


[News] The very first Ph.D. from VCT Lab! Congratulations to Yen-Chang for your dedicated effort and countless hours on exploring the uncharted forefront of structurally deformed 2D van der Waals' solids!! Yen-Chang has been a cornerstone for the nascent VCT lab ever since we finalized the movement. It is worth mentioning that Yen-Chang has landed on all major graduate fellowships, including Chancellor's, Dean's and Dean's dissertation fellowships as well as NASA and NSF!! He will soon start as a scientist at Lam Research. Very proud of him!!!!


[Fellowship] Wu's work on "Transparent MoS2 for Efficient Hole Transport Layer for Perovskite Photovoltaics" will be supported by NASA MACEs Center over the summer! Well done! 


[Fellowship] Som has been selected for the Dan David Solar Cell Fellowship and will participate in Solar Cells Workshop at NREL in July. Cheers!


[News] Pisrut "Todd" will start his Ph.D. at Bio-medical Engineering, at UC Irvine! Congratulations!!!


[News] Our collaborative research with Prof. Ghosh on regulating the hydrodynamics of droplets that contains precursors for green and printable perovskites photovoltaics has been featured on the front page of UC Merced. When chemistry meets physics! 




Title: Dripping, jetting, drops and wetting: the magic of micro-fluidics
Professor David Weitz
Harvard University
Time: 10:30 am on Jan 27
Place: COB2 Room 267 


[Holiday] Wishing that your Thanksgiving is full of love, warmth, turkey, pies, and extra special moments!!


[Publication] Taka, Yen-Chang, Nick, Yen and Oliver's work entitled "Electrohydrodynamic-assisted Assembly of Hierarchically Structured, 3D Crumpled Nanostructures for Efficient Solar Conversions" has been accepted for publication in Scientific Reports. We explore the use of electrostatically charged droplets as nano-reactors that simultaneously induce self-crumpling of graphene sheets and preserve the single layered identity. Cheers 


[Fellowship] Yen-Chang has been rewarded the prestigious Dissertation Fellowship to recognize his achievements in the forefront of nanoscience and energy harvesting. Congratulations!   


[Fellowship] Som Sarang has been selected for Summer 2017 Southern California Edison Fellowship. Congratulations!


[Publication] Our collaboration with Prof. Ghosh and Prof. Gopinathan on "Low temperature excitonic spectroscopy and dynamics as a probe of quality in hybrid perovskite thin films" will be highlighted as a back cover in Chemical Physics Physical Chemistry. Here is the sneak peek of the image. 


[Publication] Kat and Som's paper entitled "Hybrid perovskite thin films as highly efficient luminescent solar concentrators" has been accepted for publication in Advanced Optical Materials! Congrats!!


[Fellowship] Yen-Chang is awarded the NSF CCBM Scholarship for his work on the synthesis, assembly and integration of crumpled nanomembranes. Congratulations! 


[Group news] Jose is leaving for his master study at UC Davis. Thank you so much for the contribution on the MoS2 projects. We will definitely ask you to come back on weekends. 


[Publication] Our paper entitled "Low temperature excitonic spectroscopy and dynamics as a probe of quality in hybrid perovskite thin films" has been accepted for publication in Chemical Physics Physical Chemistry. Congratulations to Som and Taka!  


[Conference] 2016 annual user meeting will be held at the Molecular Foundry on Aug. 11-12. We will present our work on the assembly of 3D porous functional materials. Cheers!

When: August 11-12, 2016

Where: Berkeley Lab, Building 50

Website: foundry.lbl.gov/usermeeting2016


[Group] We welcome Matthew to join our lab as a NASA MACEs summer intern. Cheers! 


Go Warriors! Strength in numbers!!! (live from Oracle Arena)


[Group] We welcome our ACS SEEDS student, Mai Chong Thao, to join our lab for the summer! Cheers. 


[Funding] Our proposal in collaboration with School of Natural Science to Army research lab has been accepted for funding (total amount of $ 495,000)! This will bring the nascent campus the high resolution IR instrument and fluorometer. Congratulations! 


[Student activity] MACEs has held the first field trip to NASA Ames Center this past April as part of the outreach activity. If you are interested in participating, please apply through MACEs website or contact center manager, Mariana. Cheers! 

Marisol (center, in green outfit) participated in the field trip to NASA.

Marisol (center, in green outfit) participated in the field trip to NASA.

Entrance to explore the future space mission!

Entrance to explore the future space mission!


[Funding] Our DOE-Molecular Foundry proposal entitled "Induce Three-Dimensionality in 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides" has been awarded for funding. Many thanks to Yen-Chang, Oliver, and Jose's hard work! Cheers


[Group news] Yen-Chang is awarded a summer internship at Lam Research. Congratulations! 


[Group news] its always bitter sweet to say goodbye to our group members. Oliver will leave us for his Ph.D. study at MSE, UCLA while Jose will join Bio-engineering at UC Davis.  

@Eureka, Berkeley

@Eureka, Berkeley


[Presentation] NASA GSR fellows from Sensing Thrust will present their talk on May 16, at room 224, SE 2. Please join us. 


[Funding] Our research on "“Bio-mimetic Assembly of 3D Graphitic frameworks from Bijels” has been selected for funding by UC Committee of Research. Congratulations!   


[Group news] Our ACS SEED student Lai has been accepted to UC Berkeley!! Congratulations! 


[Collaboration] Stay tuned with our collaborative work with Yale! 


[Funding] Our NSF-CREST Center on Cellular and Biomolecular Machines (among faculties from Natural Science and School of Engineering) has been officially awarded with the total amount of $ 5 millions. We will contribute to the design and synthesis of novel 3D monoliths for bio-sensing. Congratulations! 


[Fellowship] Yen-Chang is awarded with the BEST Summer Fellowship for his work on rational engineering of localized strains in 2D TMDs. Cheers! 


[Fellowship] Som is awarded with the Graduate Division Summer Fellowship for his work on exploring intrinsic transport property of perovskite photovoltaics. Congrats!  


Perfect disguise to blend in with Ph.D. students. Photo credit: MRS Phoenix 2016 


Its really a reunion for YY Lab. Three generations (三代同堂)



[Fellowships] Som is awarded Graduate Division Summer Fellowship for his study on photo-physic electronic property of perovskites at various interfaces. Congratulations! 


[Admission] Jose just got another admission from UC Davis MSE. Congratulations! 


[News] Taka's work in collaboration with Professor Ghosh on electrohydrodynamic deposition of perovskite photovoltaics will be featured as the front cover of Advanced Materials Interfaces! Congratulations! 


[Outing] Small VCT Lab ski trip to Lake Tahoe was a success!  


[News] Jose received an admission from University of Washington! Congratulations! 


[News] Oliver receives admissions from UCLA and University of Arizona. Congratulations!


[Presentation] Yen-Chang and Marisol will present their work on Three dimensionality in 2D Soft Materials at research week! 


[Internship] NASA MACEs Center is taking applications for summer research opportunity (undergraduates). If you are interested, please refer to the following website, http://maces.ucmerced.edu/education/undergraduate-education


[Conference] We will address two talks at MRS spring 2016. Find us at the Perovskite and Colloidal Chemistry Sessions. Cheers 


In memory of the darkest day of the history of Taiwan. 


[News] Xuan Wei joins our group as a Ph.D. student and will work on 2D materials for energy storage. Welcome!


[Fellowship] Yen-Chang is awarded BEST Travel Grant for attending MRS 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. Congrats! 


[Publication] Our collaborative work with Professor Ghosh on “Nature inspiring process toward high throughput production of perovskite photovolatics” will be featured in the issue of emerging young investigators and as a back cover! Congrats!


[Publication] Our collaborative work with Professor Ghosh on “Electrohydrodynamically assisted deposition of perovskite photovoltaics” will be featured as the cover article in Advanced Materials Interfaces. Congrats!


[Publication] Our work on rational assembly of hybrid photoanode is proudly featured on the famous “Cover Wall” at the Molecular Foundry. More to come! Congratulation to Yen-Chang, Oliver and Taka. Cheers!


[News] Happy V-Day and a Nano-flower made of graphene for everyone by VCT Lab. :)


Happy New Year and Congratulations to Marisol for awarding NASA undergraduate fellow!


Merry Chrismas everyone!! 


[News] Today, Pisrut, successfully sailed through the Master Defense. Congratulations, a job well done!


[Reunion] Small year end dinner!


Happy Holiday from LBNL 


NASA Funded MACEs Center Open Day is a huge success!! Thanks to everyone whose unselfish and dedicated works make this happen. Now we are striving for providing quality education in Central Valley.  


[Cover Art] Stay tuned.


[Outreach] Please check the recent activities with SciBridge! 



[News] New rules to increase the transparency and reproducibility of Perovskites. 



[Art] Crumpled flower made of transitional metal dichalcogenides (TMDs)


[News] Today’s tragedy has shaken all of us. Thoughts and condolence are with the victims. 


[Collaboration] Shrinky Dinky Fun by R2D2. 


[Collaboration] Our collaborative project with Professor Michelle Khine will be out soon ! Here is some sneak peeks. 


[Event] Save the day for MACEs Center Grand Opening on Dec. 4. 


[member] Joe will leave our group in the end of October. All the best to your future search!!


[Fellowships] Congratulations to Bradely and Yen-Chang for their NASA&MACEs fellowships! Both of them will work on perovskite photovoltaics. Cheers! 


[News] UCLA team just unveiled the air-stable all-oxide perovskite solar cells in

Nature Nanotech

!! Nick De Marco is one of the contributing authors. Cheers!!


[Visit] An inspiring visit to SolCal and catch up with both PIs, Prof. Ric Kaner and Prof. Yang Yang. Also glad to know that our alumni, Nick and Andrew are doing well at UCLA. Go Bruins!!


[News] The scope and vision of the research at Molecular Foundry have been featured on this special issue of

Advanced Materials


[Gorup] VCT lab t-shirt has finally submitted for production. 


[Publication] Yen-Chang and Taka’s paper has been selected as the inside cover for the coming issue in Advanced Materials Interfaces. Congratulations!


[Media] Three-dimensional 2D Materials. Stay tuned!


[Media] VCT Lab youtube channel and twitter accounts will be on-line shortly. We will begin to upload exciting progress and discovery by our lab members. Stay-tuned. 


[Member] Junior student, Bradley Frank will join our group to work on NASA funded Perovskite Photovoltaics. Welcome!!


[Publication] Our work has been featured on a special issue of Graphene in

Science of Advanced Materials



[Meeting] Kick-off Meeting for NASA sponsored Merced nAnanomaterial Center for Energy (MACE) will be held at UC Santa Cruz! 


[Conference] The User Meeting will be held at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. 



[Publication] Our manuscript entitled “Capillarity Assisted Electrostatic Assembly of Hierarchically Functional 3D Graphene: TiO2 Hybrid Photoanodes” by Yen-Chang, Taka, Wenjun, Nick, Andrew, Johnny and Oliver is accepted for publication at Advanced Materials Interfaces. Congrats!!


[News] Lai Thung successfully delivered a good poster regarding CLIP printing of perovskite photovoltaics at America Chemical Society SEED program. Congrats!


[News] They simply ask equal dignity in the eye of law. Love just won. Congratulations to and truly proud of all my LGBT friends. Finally, your persistent steps culminates to the historic moment. 


[News] CBS interviewed Prof. Lu and Ye regarding the vision of NASA MACE Center. Taka and Lai were featured in the News. Congrats!



[Funding] Official press release of the NASA funded

MACES Center at UC Merced

. Congrats!



[Summer Camp] Jose is selected to participate in Nano/Bio-technology Summer Camp at UIUC! Congrats!


[Presentation] Yen-Chang is invited to address a talk on “Electrostatic Assembly of 3D Hierarchically Functional Photoanodes” at the Electrochemical Society (ECS).  


[Publication] Our invited paper on Self-assembly of Flexible All-carbon Photovoltaics is co-featured as a cover on the Journal of Solid State Chemistry. Congrats!


[People] Todd Phummirat from UCSD will officially work in VCT group on CLIP synthesis of Perovskites. Welcome!


[People] Lai Thung will join our group as a ACS SEED summer intern! Welcome! 


[Funding] Our proposal entitled” highly efficient perovskite photovoltaics through electrohydrodynamically-assisted self-organization at nanoscale” has been renewed and approved by DOE. Congrats! 


[Graduation] It is the time of the year to say goodbye to students. All the best to your journey at UCSD. Also, good to see our Alumni back from UCLA. Go VCT Lab. Special thanks to Marisol for taking this awesome photo.


[People] Wenjun will start a new chapter of her career in science and engineering. She graduates today as a Master student. Her contribution in laying down the solid foundation of our CLIP Perovskites has led to several groundbreaking discoveries. All the best for your new journey at UCSD. 


[Equipment] We have added another enabling equipment, adphoS NIR emitter, to enhance the throughput of our CLIP technology for fabricating perovskite photovoltaics. 


[Equipment] We have collaborated with Professor Sayatani Ghosh’s lab to set up a Phantom Highspeed Camera to monitor the dynamics for incoming droplets generated from EHD process.


Yen-Chang just passed his Ph.D. qualification with unanimous votes!!! He will start working at the Molecular Foundry for his summer fellowships. Congratulations!  


[Fellowship] Yen-Chang is awarded School of Engineering, Dean’s Award Fellowship for the summer. Congrats! 


[Fellowship] Yen-Chang is awarded travel fellowship for the upcoming Electrochemical Society (ECS) Meeting. Congrats! 


[Funding] Our proposal teamed up with PI Jennifer Lu, Minhwan Lee, Saiyatani Ghosh, and Tao Ye, and Anand Subramaniam is selected for award of 5 millions from NASA MUREP Institutional Research Opportunity (MIRO), 2015! Congrats!! 


[Equipment] We will establish NIR emitter capability for unconventional photovolatic projects.


[Fellowship] Yen-Chang is awarded Bobcat summer fellowship for his study on perovskite photovoltaics! Congrats!


[Admission] Wenjun will join Ph.D. program at UC San Diego! Congrats!!


[Collaboration] Oliver will start working with Dr. Yi Liu at the Molecular Foundry!


[People] Pisrut Phummirat from UC San Diego will join us as a Master student. Welcome!


[People] Som Sarang from Physics will join our lab for characterization and fabrication of Perovskite project. Welcome!


[Moving] We are moving to the new lab located in newly structured School of Engineering 2. 


[People] Joe Lin from MSE, University of Pennsylvania will join VCT Lab as a research specialist and work on Felexible Perovskite photovoltaics. Welcome!


[People] Oliver Lin from UC Davis Chemistry will join VCT Lab as a research associate and work on Perovskite photovoltaics. Welcome!


[News] New Biological Engineering and Small-scale Technology (BEST) graduate group flier designed by Chair, Professor Kara McClosky is on! Welcome to apply.


[News] VCT Lab will be moving into new home at School of Engineering 2. 


[Funding] VCT Lab received funding support as a gift from Innova Dyanmics for Flexible Perovskites. Cheers!


[News] Nick left the VCT lab for UCLA MSE. Thank you for the contribution and all the best for your study at UCLA. 



Marisol and Jose successfully presented their work at NSF sponsored COINs poster session. Well done!


[Funding] Innova Dynamics forms collaborationship with our lab! Cheers


Marisol is the recipient of 2014

COINs Summer Fellowship

! Congrats.


[Funding] Vincent has been awarded New Investigator Award from ACS Petroleum Funds for his research on fundamental self-assembly study for highly compact and ultrahigh surface area nanocomposites. Cheers


Andrew is featured on

Merced Sun Star

for his passion and dedication toward carbon based nano-material research. 


[Funding] Our DOE-Molecular Foundry Proposal entitled” Electrohydrodynamic Assembly of High Performance Perovskite Photovoltaic” has been officially approved. Cheers! 


Jonny Sun from UC Davis will join us for summer research under


Fellowship. Welcome!


Marisol has been featured as the cover of

UC Merced Magazine (Spring 2014)

because of her contribution to STEM education. Congratulations! 


[Fellowship] Andrew is awarded NSF Fellowship for his 5 years study at UCLA. Congratulations! 


Andrew and Nick will accept the offer from UCLA MSE department. Congratulations! Go Bruins.


[Funding] Our work on Crumpled Graphene as a Chemically versatile and Biologically compatible platform has been awarded HSRI (Health Science Research Institute) Grants. Cheers


[Conference] Vincent presented our work on Dimensional Transition of Soft Functional Materials at Soft Materials Section, MRS SF. 


[presentation] Our work on Dimensional Transition of Soft Membranes: Assembly, Dynamics and Energy Application will be presented at MRS San Francisco. Cheers


[Presentation] Our work on “Emulsion Induced Assembly of Functional Carbon Hybrid Composites” will be featured at MRS Boston. Cheers!


[Sport] Congratulation to the Boston Red Sox for the hard-earned pennant! Go Sox!


[Paper] Our collaborative work with Prof. Martini and Isborn on “Charge Carrier Transportation at Carbon-Caborn Interfaces” is accepted for publication in “Journal of Physical Chemistry C” Cheers!



Our collaborative work with Prof. Martini has been awarded by the Graduate Research Council for funding support. Congratulations!


[Paper] Our collaborative work with Prof. Martini on “Rational Assembly of All-Carbon Nanomaterials” is accepted for publication in “Carbon” Cheers!


[Funding] Vincent is grateful for the support from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) for Rational Synthesis, Assembly of Carbon based Superstructure for Photovoltaic and Photoelectrochemical Energy Storage. 


Nick is selected as the recipent of NSF-COINs internship. Good job done.


Andrew’s work on geomertically driven self-assembly of all-carbon heterostructures has been selected as the winner of PG&E Summer Research Award, 2013. Congratulation!


Yen’s work on electrically responsive gel electrode for energy harvesting is selected by the BEST program for summer research award. Congradulation! 


Vincent is grateful for the support from UC Solar, the only inter-campus energy institute at UC. 


Yen-Chang just received the prestigious 

Chancellor’s Graduate Fellowship

for four years! Congratulation! 


Andrew has been awarded with a NSF undergraduate fellowship from Center of Integrated Nanomechanic System

(COINS) to work on self-assembly of soft layered materials for solar-fuel applications. Congratulation! 


Yen-Chang Chen from University of Florida will join our team as a PhD student. Welcome!


Tom starts a cross-university collaboration with Northwestern University. Cheers


Kwyn left the group and joined Dr. Davilla’s research group for mechanisitc study on “Nano-springs”


Dr. Ishihara Taka from University of Arkansas, Little Rock joins our group for developing next generation solar-to-fuel energy stroage. Welcome


Dr. Tomas Oppenheim from Cambridge University brings broad and deep knowledge in the feild of electromechanical coupling to our lab. Welcome. 


Vincent finally settled down in School of Engineering room 235 and started builting lab. 


Vincent’s invited perspective on “Progress and Perspective toward All-carbon Solar Cells” has been accepted and will be featured as a cover article. Cheers!


Vipawee (Yen) joins the group as the first PhD student in Tung Lab. Congratulation! 


Vincent has been awarded visiting scholar in MSE at Northwestern University. Cheers!

01/01/2012 - 

Vincent Tung becomes the Assistant Professor at UC Merced! Congrats!!